Manidou Wabanaisee (Spirit of the Snowbirds) Snowbird Singers


  1. Introduction (Mae)
  2. Anishinabe Kwe (Anita, lead)
  3. Strong Woman (Kim, lead)
  4. Ha Na Way Tuna
  5. Obe Om Ba Da
  6. Waabinoong Song
  7. Old Kwe (Melanie, lead)
  8. Honor Song (Wasson/Julie, leads)
  9. AIM (Anita/Beatrice/Julie/Mae, leads)
  10. Ogitchidaw
  11. Traveling Song


We give our Migweches to the following for their support and encouragement:

  • Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe
  • Seventh Generation Program
  • Seventh Genration Men's Circle
  • Seventh Generation Women’s Circle
  • High Spirit Singers
  • Jack Chambers for naming us
  • Sage Chupco for the use of her little Dewigan
  • Grandma Hilda Syrette
  • Mary Lynn
  • Danielle McDonald and the Ode-min Kwe Singers
  • Our teacher Mae Pego, for her patience
  • Elizabeth Shaw for her knowledge of Anishinabemowin


  • Produced by: Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe IT Multimedia Development
  • Recording Engineers: Paul Fish and Tod Walraven
  • Mastering: Paul Fish
  • Recorded at: the Elijah Elk Cultural Center, Isabella Reservation

We are never alone in this journey. We acknowledge and say migwech:

  • To the Creator for the many blessings in our lives
  • To Mother Earth
  • To our ancestors and the future generations
  • For the gift of our dewegan
  • For the songs and the song dreamers
  • To our families, friends, children and grandchildren