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Planning Department


2014 Spring Turkey Season Order

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2013 Miscellaneous Hunting Notice

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2013 Small Game Season Order

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2013 Trapping Season Order

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2013 Deer Season Order

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2013 Fishing Season Order

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2014 Amended Fishing Season Order (5-12-14)

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Mission Statement

Properly managed growth and development which protects the health and welfare of residents and the environment in which they live is essential to the sustainability of a strong and viable community. The mission of the Planning Department is to assist the Tribal Council in the reacquisition of lands within and around the Isabella Reservation, to diversify the tribal economy, to provide decent and affordable housing to members within the community, to help design and manage needed construction projects as part of a team effort (including code compliance and inspection services as outlined in the tribal building code), to maintain and implement an effective transportation program within the Reservation, to oversee environmental protection efforts on lands within the Tribe's jurisdiction, and to implement the community's vision regarding its future growth and development as defined in the most recently adopted Strategic and Community Master Plans (including the implementation and enforcement of related codes and ordinance). In addition, the Planning Department serves as a community development information clearinghouse and represents tribal interests as directed by Council on various boards and agencies related to community and economic development activities.

The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe's Planning Department administers the provisions of the tribal Building Code, including responsibility for inspection and code enforcement activities. This insures applicable construction safety and welfare guidelines are adhered to during the construction process.

• If you are a casual visitor and would like more information about our activities, call (989) 775-4014

• If you would like more information regarding the tribal building code , inspections, and the permit program contact : Jessica DeVerney-McLaughlin, Admin. Asst. II at (989) 775-4014 or Don Seal at (989) 775-4151

• If you would like more information pertaining to environmental issues faced by the tribe, contact Environmental Specialist at (989) 775-4015 , Water Quality Specialist at (989) 775-4016, or Environmental Response Program Specialist at (989)775-4081

• If you are a tribal member, employee, or servicing contractor seeking the actual guidelines and permits, related to the tribal Building code, click the appropriate links on the left.

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