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Planning Department

Donald Seal
Community Engineer/Planning Department Director

No description available.

Kim Otto McCoy
Administrative Assistant II

Kim oversees the Curbside Collection program and the Elder's Assistance Home Repair Program. She assists with issuing Hunting licenses. She answers all telephone calls, handles incoming and outgoing correspondence, prepares requisitions for purchases, invoices for payment, prepares and makes deposits, implements the records retention policy and takes minutes of staff meetings and other meetings that need documentation.

Edward Howard
Tribal Code Compliance Officer

Ed is responsible for reviewing construction plans and conducting inspections of construction-in-progress to ensure compliance with tribal building codes. He is also responsible for verifying compliance with Tribal Ordinances including but not limited to zoning, nuisance, solid waste and building code.

Sally Kniffen
Environmental Program Specialist | Environmental Team

Sally Kniffen manages the overall environmental program through the EPA GAP grant.

Carey Pauquette
Environmental Manager | Environmental Team

Carey manages the Environmental staff for the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, along with managing the Water Quality Program. Since 2008 Carey has been building the Water Quality monitoring and restoration program. In 2016 she took on the role as Environmental Manager. Working for the community to create an environmental foundation to restore and maintain environmental quality, while respecting and reinforcing stewardship is Carey's goal.

Troy Techlin
Environmental Response Specialist | Environmental Team | Environmental Response Team

Troy Techlin is the Environmental Response Program Specialist and works with environmental, planning, and operational staff on various tasks that help protect the environmental resources within the boundaries of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Reservation. Troy is responsible for the implementation and oversight of the Tribe’s Brownfields Program under the Environmental Protection Agency 128(a) Grant Program. The purpose of Troy’s program is to establish a mechanism for the inventory and evaluation of lands within the tribal boundaries along with discover their respected past uses to determine if any existing contamination is evident and provide assistance in proper clean-up. Troy provides a proactive approach to protect future land acquisitions the Tribe acquires. Troy also participates in a Site Response program that provides oversight in the Emergency Response activities of the Tribe in the event of a hazardous release or spill.

Chase Stevens
Invasive Species Coordinator

Chase works to identify invasive species that exist and have an impact on Tribal lands. After species are identified and mapped he develops a treatment plan to address them.

Kellie Henige
Water Quality Specialist | Environmental Team | Water Quality Team

As the Water Quality Specialist, Kellie is responsible for protecting the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe’s surface and groundwater resources through water quality monitoring. Kellie performs and oversees water quality monitoring and reporting activities in coordination with the approved Quality Assurance Project Plan. She works on water quality goals and tasks agreed upon with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Taylor Brook
Watershed Outreach Coordinator | Environmental Team | Water Quality Team

Taylor focuses on Tribal and external community outreach and education related to the Tribe's surface water resources. She works with the community to develop a better understanding of the Tribe's environmental priorities to help guide the direction of the Water Program.

Wildlife Biologist

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