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Tribal Utility Authority

Wastewater Treatment PlantWastewater Treatment Facility

The Tribe's Utility Authority is charged with supplying, treating and maintaining water delivery to the local tribal community; we have responsibility for waste water treatment, wells, hydrants, towers and lift stations. Our long term goal is to educate the public on the proper use of our water and wastewater systems. Our mission is to treat tribal waste water so it meets & exceeds EPA standards. It's the only Tribal Owned facility with full softening system in Michigan.

Granger 2021 Holidays - Labor Day holiday will delay curbside collection by one day.
Published: 9/2/2021 11:03:00 AM - Utilities Services

Please find attached a list of Granger 2021 Holidays that may delay curbside collection.
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Waste Water Treatment Annual Drinking Water Report 2020
Published: 6/29/2021 10:03:00 AM - Utilities Services

Waste Water Treatment Annual Drinking Water Report 2020
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Holiday Service Alert : Labor Day
Published: 9/3/2020 3:53:00 PM - Utilities Services

This is a friendly reminder that your collection WILL be delayed in observance of Labor Day.
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Shannon Peters, Director

Phone: 989- 775-5222

Tonia Jewell, Administrative Assistant II

Phone: 989-775-5231

Rick Meyers, Recycling Coordinator

Phone: 989- 775-5233

Joe Johnson, Fresh Water Manager

Phone: 989-775-5235

Travis Ellis, Waste Water Manager

Phone: 989-775-5270

Energy Services Department

Calvin Berk, Energy Services Manager

Phone: 989-775-5184

Saganing Substation Emergency Number:


Saganing Fresh Water & Waste Water Plant

Jonas Wilcox Fresh Water/Waste Water Manager

Phone: 989-775-5990

Tim Walraven , Space Cost/PSB

Phone: 989-775-4061

Public Works

Minie Stevens, Campground


Information Contacts:

Fresh Water Plant

Phone: 989-775-5141

Fax number: 989-779-8931

Waste Water Plant

Phone: 989-775-5270

Fax number: 989-775-8205

Saganing Fresh Water & Waste Water Plant

Phone: 989-775-5990