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IT Multimedia Development

Web Development

SCIT Multimedia designs, builds, and maintains many of the websites for the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe.

We use an extensive variety of cutting edge technologies to deliver websites to users around the world and on a variety of devices.

Here are a few of our sites:

Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan

The main homepage for the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe.The SCIT Multimedia Group designed, built, and maintains

Soaring Eagle Casino in association with Casino Marketing

Casino Marketing designs the look and feel of the site as well as maintaining timely updates. This ensures that the website closely matches the casinos most current promotions.

SCIT Multimedia administers the web server as well as maintaining any database and software applications the site uses.

Ziibiwing Center

The main homepage for the Ziibiwing Center. The SCIT Multimedia Group designed, built, and maintains the Ziibiwing Center website.

Video Production

The SCIT Multimedia Video Production Crew captures and produces award winning High Definition video content for the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe. We document the tribe’s events, culture, and continuing history via video documentation and 3D graphics.

  • Soaring Eagle Casino’s Employee of the Month Event
  • Tribal Christmas
  • 2 Percent Distributions
  • Boarding School
  • Repatriation
  • Blood Borne Pathogens training

Our Video production capabilities include state of the art digital non-linear editing and modern tapeless HD cameras.
View some of our videos on our Video Page!

Audio Production

The SCIT Multimedia Group has extensive experience capturing and editing audio for use in promotions, learning aids, employee training, and historical archiving. With a combined 40+ years audio experience, you can count on us to get the job done right.

Our Goal

IT Multimedia Development's (SCITMedia) goal is to become a complete multimedia development resource for all Tribal organizations, departments and enterprises. This goal is to operate within the concept framework of one of today's highly used buzz words "convergence."

What is convergence and what does it mean?

A simple definition: Video, audio and reading materials (whether for pleasure or education) are all finding their way to the Web as a major method of delivery.

However, convergence goes beyond that simple fact. With the presence of Blackberry's, Treos, iPods, iPhones, various other hand-held computers (since that's what they really are), people are increasingly seeking out entertainment content directly from the Web that they might typically get from magazines, newspapers, radio or television. In fact, recent trends suggest there is a growing segment of the population — particularly younger people — who are growing to favor receiving their information and entertainment through these channels over the older, more established media outlets.

A bold definition: Eventually, traditional broadcast outlets (especially over the air broadcasts) will be relegated to fringe markets and the bulk of people will turn exclusively to the Internet to watch TV, listen to music, read the latest news, watch movies, etc.

And, though most don't quite realize it, we're almost there.

  • If you have cable TV, and you have an On Demand service for watching select syndicated shows or movies, you are watching streaming video carried, in part, over the Internet.

  • The older "traditional" broadcast networks have been experiencing sagging ratings over the past few years. At first they attributed this mainly to audience fragmentation represented by the hundreds of cable and satellite channels available to viewers. However, when they began adding data represented by those who download "podcasts" of their favorite shows, or watch streaming versions of the latest series episodes available on the networks' Web sites, to their surprise they found that their shows' ratings had not sagged quite as much as they feared. As suggested earlier, it's just that a growing segment of the public turned to these Internet delivery options in preference to watching them at the "same time, same station."

Where SCITMedia Fits In This Picture

  • We develop Tribal Web sites
  • We develop video product
  • We develop audio product

We are the electronic publisher for the Tribe. Where print publishers can make magazines, newspapers, tabloids, and books in all their sizes and forms, electronic publishing has the Web as just one medium, as well as "older," more traditional forms such as CDs, DVDs and packaging for traditional broadcast outlets.

What we develop, as listed immediately above, helps guide our goal to offer to Tribal organizations the concept that it can deliver its message to the world in ways similar to those employed by external media outlets, but can do so — and just a bit ahead of the curve — through this more universal tool: The Internet. Web-only audio and video news reporting. Web-only regular "radio" broadcasts. Regularly scheduled Web-only videocasts. The list can be long and the possibilities are wide open.

And we're almost there!

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