Recycling at SCIT

The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe utilizes the Isabella County Recycling Center/Material Recovery Facility (ICMRF) for proper waste disposal and management practices. MRF’s goal is to promote recycling within Isabella County to support local jobs, save energy, and conserve our valuable natural resources. ICMRF accepts cardboard, newspaper, soft cover books, office paper, food grade tin/aluminum, clear glass jars, plastic, small nonfood grade metals and Styrofoam. Additionally, for a fee ICMRF will accept automotive oil, antifreeze, brush & yard waste, Christmas trees and tires. Click to view fees information.

If you would like to start recycling curbside and reside in Isabella County call 989-773-9631 to start curbside pickup. Click to view Curbside Recycling Collection Schedule information.

Isabella County's Community Sharps Collection program provides free sharps disposal for permanent residents. Personal sharps containers are available at local pharmacies for purchase. For more information please call 989-773-9631. Click to view Sharps Collection Sites webpage.


Kevin Chamberlain
Recycling Coordinator

  • Isabella County Recycling Center/Material Recovery Facility
  • 4208 E. River Rd.
    Mount Pleasant, MI
  • 989-773-9631
  • Fax: 989-773-0835

  • Hours of Operation
    • Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm
    • Sat: 8am – 1:30pm
    • Excludes Holidays