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Behavioral Health Therapy and Education Groups

Coping Skills Group

Want to be in more control? Want to be more hopeful? Want to thrive and not just survive? Are you ready to make a change? Do nothing and continue to feel these negative intense emotions; or take a risk and Do Something that will help you regain control and confidence in managing your daily life. When you are ready, consider Coping Skills Group.          
So what exactly is Coping Skills Group about? Well, Coping Skills Group consists of 4 main teachings to assist one in developing confidence and regaining control of one’s life. The four main teachings are:

  1. Mindfulness Skills
  2. Stress Management Skills
  3. Relationship Skills
  4. Balanced Living Skills

Through exploration and practice you will learn to take better control of your life, be less vulnerable to stress, and be a healthier and more confident you! So why not stop by and see what Coping Skills Group is about? What do you have to lose?

Brief Psycho-educational Group

This group meets once a week for 4 weeks.  The group provides an overview on Addiction along with Compulsive Behaviors, an introduction to Native culture, stress reduction tools along with Relapse Prevention.  The group is considered a closed group meaning once it has started no new members will be admitted until the next round of group begins.