Our Vision

Mino-bemaad-zee-win" - having a "good healthy life" is what we envision for all of us. We firmly believe that it should be our elders legacy and that we must strive to ensure that this and future generations of elders experience its true meaning. The Elders Advisory Board (EAB) envisions our Tribal citizens leading healthy, productive lives and having meaningful involvement in our community for as long as possible. We foresee programs implemented in a vibrant and a user-friendly facility. Our efforts will address the health care, housing, social, and recreational needs of our elders. The EAB will develop partnerships with other agencies or departments providing services to our elder citizens.

We look forward to the Tribal Council and the Tribal Community recognizing our Board as strong advocates, who tirelessly work to develop, foster, and generate opportunities that will enhance the level of awareness about our elder Tribal citizens and improve their quality of life.