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Give Your Support Wings
6/28/2016 1:00:00 PM - Andahwod Senior Care

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Support Form .pdf

The snow is done, trees are budding, and the migrating birds are back and nesting. It’s springtime!

The Andahwod elders have been bird watching all winter long thanks to our Mini Homestead bird aviary. Our oak constructed aviary houses several finches and doves and can be viewed from three sides of Plexiglas windows.

In 2014, the residents of Andahwod raised nearly $7,000 to purchase their very own aviary. But now they need the support of their community to help them collect enough funds to cover the ongoing maintenance fees.

We are asking for your support now. We are offering three levels: the Robins level of $50, Hawks level of $100, or the Eagles level of $150.

If you donate at the Eagles level; your name, a family name, or a loved one’s name will be engraved on a beautiful wood plaque mounted on the wall near the aviary. Everyone that comes to visit or watch the birds will be able to see all the support that keeps the aviary going. So please consider giving to this wonderful project the elders have enjoyed and will enjoy for years to come!

Complete form and mail back to Andahwod along with your check: 2910 S. Leaton Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858   or call 775-4300 for more information.



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