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Our Core Values and Guiding Principles

The Elders Advisory Board has a genuine RESPECT for the individuals and families who trust us to offer exemplary service. We RESPECT our people, their insights and ideas. RESPECT for our community. Moreover, we have RESPECT for our Tribal leaders who rely on us to meet the needs our of old citizens. Our Core Values and Guiding Principles flow from our esteem for human live and no matter the circumstances will drive our actions.


  1. A high quality of life for seniors, a believe that the effective programs for seniors will contribute to that goal.

  2. Community, and believe effective partnerships with all Tribal entities is essential.

  3. Diversity, and believe success depends on our ability to be inclusive and assure the availability of comprehensive programs and services to all Tribal members.

  4. Staff. Provision of a well-qualified, caring, motivated staff is imperative for ensuring that our senior programs fulfill our mission.

  5. Excellence, by being the provider of choice for our Anishnabe elders is enrichment and social experiences.

  6. Integrity, independence and objectivity, we strive to be open, honest and accountable for our actions.

  7. Responsiveness, we will listen and respond to all the people we work with and serve and will act in a timely and sensitive manner.

  8. Leadership, we will set examples that others will choose to follow.

  9. Teamwork, we will strive to succeed together.

  10. Family, we will involve family in care planning and implementation.

  11. Open communication, we invite our elders to share their opinions on issues affecting their lives.

  12. A person’s choice of care, lifestyle, and privacy.

  13. A safe, loving, secure, and attractive surroundings for our elders.

  14. Fiscal soundness, by becoming a self-sustaining non-profit endeavor.

  15. Saginaw Chippewa Tribe, our interest will always be to benefit of our community

Approved by the Elders Advisory Board on 1/25/06