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Nimkee Dental Clinic

General Information

  • Nimkee Memorial Wellness Center Dental Clinic
  • 2591 S. Leaton Rd, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
  • Phone: (989) 775-4657 or (800) 225-8172, ext. 54657
  • Fax: (989) 775-4957
  • Hours of operation:
    • Monday through Friday
    • 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

New Patient Exams

  • To initiate treatment a New Patient Exam (NPE) appointment is recommended
  • At the exam you will:
    • have current radiographs (x-rays) taken of all your teeth
    • be evaluated by a dentist
    • have a treatment plan developed which may include:
      • restoration of all cavities
      • a dental cleaning
      • discussion of options and potential costs to replace missing teeth
      • referral to specialists for treatments will be discussed, if needed

Routine Care

  • appointments for routine care will be made once the exam has been completed.

Emergency Care

Nimkee Dental Clinic has an Emergency Toothache Clinic available. The goal of this clinic is to address a patient's immediate, urgent need. This is ONLY for URGENT dental needs. Patients are to sign in at the Registration window first. Patients are to sign in at the Dental window second. This process is first come, first serve, Sit and wait to be seen.

Dental Toothache I Emergency Days are:
Monday and Thursday
Sign up times are from 1:00 PM to 1:15PM
Number of patients seen during Toothache Clinic is
-subject to availability.
***A scheduled appointment may be needed for further treatment. ***

Emergencies Outside of Normal Clinic Hours

  • Patient should seek treatment at an Urgent Care or Emergency Room (Nimkee Contract Health Service policies apply).

Quick Call Lists

  • If a patient is interested and available for an appointment on short notice:
    • notify dental front desk and ask to have name put on the quick call list
  • When an opening in the dental schedule arises due to a patient cancelation or no show, the front desk will make calls from the quick call list to try and fill the opening in the schedule.

Updating Patient Information

  • Patients who need to update their registration information (address, phone number, etc.) should contact the Registration Desk in person, or by calling (989) 775-4670 or (800) 225-8172, ext. 54670.(Patients should also verify their information is correct when signing in at the Registration Desk before each dental appointment.)

Emergency Closures

  • In the event of an emergency clinic closure, a voicemail message will be put on the Dental Clinic answering machine with information about the closure as soon as we are notified. We are unable to contact scheduled patients directly.
  • Treatment for Minors

  • If any person other than a parent or legal guardian will be bringing a minor patient to a dental appointment, please make sure an "“Permission to Treat a Minor without a Present / Legal Guardian Present." form has been completed by the parent or legal guardian before the appointment. This will give consent for the person designated to make treatment decisions and return appointments for the minor child. This form may be obtained from any staff member.

  • Please make sure the person accompanying the minor stays in the treatment room or waiting room area so that if issues arise that person can be easily located.
  • Consent for treatment of a Minor Form
  • Transportation

    • Transportation to appointments may be available.

      For more information, please call: (989) 775-4695 or (800) 225-8172, ext. 54695