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Nimkee Dental Clinic

Dental Appointment Information

Long Appointment Policy

  • Dental appointments scheduled 1 and a half hours or longer must confirmed by the patient 1 day in advance or the appointment will be canceled


  • Certain medical conditions require antibiotics to be taken one hour prior to some dental appointments to prevent infection.
    • Conditions include but are not limited to: heart surgeries, artificial joints
    • Patients should check with their medical doctors if they are in doubt about their need to be pre-medicated.
    • Patients should notify the dental staff at each appointment of:
      • complete health history
      • new developments in their health, so that needs can be assessed and antibiotics given if indicated


  • Dental Treatment can be provided to a pregnant woman
  • An OB Release for dental treatment must be signed by the patient’s OB doctor
    • The release must be in the patient chart prior to treatment
  • Treatment rendered may vary depending on:
    • Type of treatment needed
    • Stage of pregnancy
  • Any dental emergency during a pregnancy should be evaluated immediately


  • Patients should always indicate any allergies on the dental Health History form
  • Certain types of allergies will determine what type of local anesthetic a patient is given (or not given) during dental procedures


  • Patients should always indicate any medications on the Dental Health History Form
  • Many common medications may have an effect on the dental treatment being given
  • Medications that have an effect on clotting time during extractions or surgical procedures are but are not limited to:
    • Aspirin
    • Coumadin
    • Blood Thinners
    • Some herbal and over the counter drugs/supplements