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Youth Council Executive Committee

Ten officers shall serve the executive committee and together are responsible for making decisions, taking action and moving the group forward. Executive committee meetings may be more formal and business like and may differ from other SCIT Youth Group meetings depending on the activity. For example, there may be times when only the executive committee needs to meet on something. Or there may be times when a general youth group meeting is held and arts and crafts are incorporated into the meeting or storytelling for examples.

Executive Committee Roles & Responsibilities

President/Vice President Responsibilities:

  • Take Initiative
  • Take Healthy Risks
  • Lead The Meetings
  • Set A Positive Example
  • Tribal Council
  • General Public
  • Committees
  • Lead Meetings
  • Follow Up With Angel Tree
  • Assist Secretary With Agenda/Follow Up
  • Maintain A General Contact List
  • Ask Opinions
  • Engage Participation


  • Keep Track Of Budget
  • Figure Out The Costs
  • Organize Fundraiser
  • Positive Example For Youth
  • Maintain Confidentiality
  • Familiarize All Account Information
  • Update The Group On The Current Budget


  • Write Down Minutes
  • Take Notes
  • Document Minutes
  • Document All Info
  • Take Messages
  • Schedule Meetings

Social Director/Fun Police:

  • Coordinate Fun Events
  • Make Sure Everyone’s Having A Blast
  • Lead Activities By Facilitating
  • Learn Ice Breakers
  • In Charge Of Fun Police
  • Plans All Social Activities
  • Encourage Youth Participation

General Representatives:

  • Positive Example For Youth
  • Set Examples
  • Give/Put In Opinions