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Welcome to the Nimkee Pharmacy homepage. Let me introduce you to our professional staff. Our Pharmacy Manager is Andy Henning RPh.. He has been a Pharmacist since 1976. He was a Pharmacist for Meijer Inc. for 28 years before joining the team at Nimkee Clinic. We also have 2 staff Pharmacists, Steve Eggerd RPh. and Eric Decker PharmD.. Steve has been a Pharmacist since 1993. He has worked for Pamida, Meijer Inc. and The Apothecary Shoppe. Eric graduated from Pharmacy School in 2009 and was employed by Walgreen’s before coming to the Nimkee Pharmacy. We also have three Pharmacy Technicians, Lola Langlois, Chris Hyde and Cathy Misky. Our technicians have a total of 50 years of experience between them.

The Nimkee Pharmacy has been processing prescriptions using an electronic health record since 2007. This enables the Pharmacy to process quickly and accurately and enables us to share data with the other members of the health care team. Patients are able to request refills electronically when we are not open by entering their prescription number into a queue and they are processed when the pharmacy reopens. We maintain a broad formulary and are able to fill 99% of prescriptions issued by our physicians.

We also administer 3 clinical programs in collaboration with the Physicians in the clinic. We have a smoking cessation clinic giving patients access to nicotine patches, gum or lozenges. We also have Nicotrol Inhalers, Chantix and Zyban tablets. The choice of which product to use is based on the smoking habits of the patient. We also dose and monitor those patients in the clinic that are taking blood thinners. The correct dose of warfarin is decided upon by the Pharmacist after reviewing the lab work. This saves the patient and physician time and returned visits to the clinic are fewer. We also work in collaboration with clinic physicians with pain contracts.

There are a few requirements that must be met before prescriptions can be filled at the Nimkee Clinic. Patients must be registered in the clinic. They must be seen annually by a primary care provider at the clinic. The prescription must be written by providers at the Nimkee Clinic or from a referred care physician. Emergency care prescriptions must be filled within 72 hours.

Our Nimkee Pharmacy staff is always happy to answer questions concerning medications. We strive to be accurate and prompt. Our goal is to give quality service for all our patients. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM. We are closed during Tribal Holidays. Our phone number is 775-4608.