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Melissa's Recruiting Interview from the Tribal Obeserver

Damian's Recruiting Interview from the Tribal Obeserver

Welcoming Jayme

Adreanna's Questionnaire

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Fitness Focus

2016 Quick Fit Tip

March 2016 Quick Fit Tip

Essential Oils

Fitness's Recipe for Success in 2015 : The "Tiny Habit" Method

Super Sports Foods: Do They Really Need to be Exotic? - The Athlete's Kitchen Copyright: Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD, June 2014

Fitness Tips for the New Year

Should We Enable Obesity?

So Much More Than Just a Race

Lifestyle changes can be as effective as medication, counseling

Your Amazing Body

Should I exercise if I'm sick?

Let's Move

Why is Fitness Your Passion?

Warm up without burning out

Forget New Year Resolutions! By Jayme Green, BS, ACE Nimkee Fitness Coordinator

Motivation for Change

American College of Sports Medicine Updates Guidelines for Exercise Recommendations

The Truth About Protein


The Importance of Playing (Exercising) with your Family

New Year's: Diet and Binge - HELP!!

Have Fun With Group Excercise Classes

Cardio For Beginners

Running: A Great Cardiovascular Exercise

Treadmill Calorie Count

Preventing Shin Splints

Biggest Loser???

Being Heart Smart in 2009

10 Ways to Stay Motivated

Healthy Heart

On the use of Weight Belts

Avoid Overtraining

Myths on Exercise

Busy? Try Circuit Training

Fitness Inspired Success Stories















Have You Tried This Yet?

Push-up Leaning on Smith Machine

Boot Camp Workouts

Interval Treadmill Routines

Drop Sets

Heart Rate Monitor

Double Plate Raise

Balance Vector Training

Alternate Ab Exercises

Smith Machine Hack Squat

Isolated Bicep Curls

Healthy Recipe


Grilled Chicken with Oranges and Avocado

Grilled Summer Squash Chicken

Healthful Chai Tea

Cinnamon-Maple Applesauce

Herbed Chicken Noodle Soup

Fresh Fruit Salad

Light Macaroni Salad

Light Protein Shake

Healthy Holiday Cookies

Spring Vegetables Saute

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Arionna's Questionnaire

Beginners Running Group - April 15, 2014

Fitness Buddy - March 10 - April 11

Fitness Support Group

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