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Water Program

Carey Pauquette, Water Quality Specialist
Contact info:
Phone (989) 775-4016,
Fax (989) 772-4151

Carey Pauquette is the Water Quality Specialist in the Planning Department. Carey oversees the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Water Act Section 106 Grant (CWA 106) for the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe.

The purpose of this program is to assist tribes with prevention, reduction, and elimination of water pollution through water quality programs. The funds can be used toward specific goals including water quality assessment, planning, monitoring, education and outreach, water protection, water quality standards development, watershed-based planning, and data management. The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe currently has a monitoring, education and outreach program, and is working toward a water quality assessment. The tribe has been collecting data from reservation waters since 2004. This data has become the referenced baseline to develop a routine study of reservation waters through a rotational monitoring program. The data that has been collected is supporting the Tribal Water NonPoint Source Assessment which is intended to direct the program toward Section 319 funding as well. 319 Funding will allow for Tribal waters to be cleaned up, install best management practices, support things such as vegetated strips in areas of erosion, build up stream banks, etc.

Clean water is a priority. The water running through the reservation flows from groundwater seeps, run-off, local lakes, small tributaries, etc. Local surface water is used for drinking, bathing, recreation, and habitat for fish and other wildlife. With good quality water the community can continue to survive and thrive.

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