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Frequently Requested Forms
Tribal Buisiness Regulations

  1. Residency Form – This form is for Tribal Members that live within the Tax Agreement Area and are interested in Residential Tribal Member services.
  2. Vehicles, Boats, Snowmobiles and ORV's Form – This form is required for vehicles, boats, snowmobiles and ORV purchases. All forms must be completed in full in order to receive sales tax exemptions.
    Vehicle Tax Exemption Application
  3. Fuel Tax Exemption – This form is required for fuel sales tax exemptions at Sagamok Mobil (Mount Pleasant location only).
  4. Elder Parking Permit Application – This form is for Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Elders and permits parking at any Saginaw Chippewa Tribal property with designated “Reserved for Saginaw Chippewa Elders” areas. All permits must be displayed near the bottom corner of the driver side windshield in plain view when the vehicle is parked.
  5. Utilities - For utility (telephone, cell phone, electricity, natural gas, propane, LP and fuel oil) bills. All requests must attach front to back copies of utility bills and be in the Residential Tribal Members name.
  6. Michigan Income Tax Withholding – This form is for Residential Tribal Member employee’s requesting that Michigan NOT withhold Michigan income taxes from their payroll check (Business Regulations does not provide tax advice). Applicants need not be an employee of a Saginaw Chippewa Tribal entity. All forms must be completed and submitted for approval to the Business Regulations Department before providing this form to an employer.
  7. Modular/ Mobile Home – This form is for modular or mobile home purchases. Residential Tribal Members are exempt from both sales and use tax. Joint purchases by a Residential Tribal Member and a Non-Tribal Member are limited to a 3% sales/use tax exemption (half of the 6% tax rate).
  8. Construction Materials - RTM – This form is required for construction, renovations, or improvement material purchases. All purchase transactions must take place in the Tax Agreement Area.
    Construction Tax Exemption Application
  9. SCIT Sales Tax Retail Permit Application – This application is required for the below businesses types engaging in business on Saginaw Chippewa Tribal lands and or Trust lands:
    • Class A: Permanent (181-365 days) - $25 fee
    • Class B: Seasonal (5-180 days) - $10 fee
    • Class C: Temporary (4 days or less) - $5 fee
  10. Fundraising Application - This application is required for any person(s) and or departments that are hosting a fundraiser on Saginaw Chippewa Tribal lands and or Trust lands. If your fundraiser/raffle is held during an event hosted by the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe or at another gathering/convention then you must have written approval from the Event/Committee giving their approval and this approval must be submitted with the Fundraising application. You must also submit your Class I Gaming License approval request and approval motion/action along with this application.

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