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Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Tribe's Utility Authority is charged with supplying, treating and maintaining water delivery to the local tribal community; we have responsibility for waste water treatment, wells, hydrants, towers and lift stations. Our short term goals are to build a water treatment plant and to map out all piping, valves and manholes. Our long term goal is to educate the public on the proper use of our water and wastewater systems. Our mission is to treat tribal waste water so it meets EPA standards.

Wastewater Treatment Facility


Barry Skutt , Director

Tonia Jewell , Administrative Assistant

Rick Meyers , Recycling Coordinator

Information Contacts:

Jim Bailey
Phone: 989-775-7887
Fax number: 989-775-8205


Jim Bailey, Plant Manager

David Coyle, Operator

Robert Keller , Operator

Anthony Orange, Maintenance Supervisor

Kevin Shawnoo, Maintenance