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Tribal Observer Issue: November 15, 2003

Technique offers new options for women with breast cancer

A precision cancer detection technique will help Central Michigan Community Hospital physicians destroy breast cancer earlier than ever. And spare central Michigan residents more extensive and expensive surgery in the process.

AIDS Quilt display receives national award

A weeklong series of Central Michigan University educational activities about AIDS has received the National Teaching Activity of the Year award from the American School Health Association.

Helpful Healthy Eating and Cooking Tips

Exercise, healthy lifestyle behaviors and good nutrition are the keys to becoming healthy and staying healthy. The holiday season is upon us now and the temptations to go overboard with some holiday meals and snacks can lead to unwanted pounds over the holidays. These unwanted pounds can be easily avoided.

Official results from the Nov. 4 general election

Audrey Falcon, 264; Milton Pelcher, 234; Maynard Kahgegab Jr., 229; Gerald Slater, 228; Ruth Moses, 226; Brent Jackson, 225; Charmaine Benz, 224; Diana Quigno-Grundahl, 213; Bernard Sprague, 207; Michael Floyd Sr., 191.

LeEtta Hansen, 13

Michele Stanley, 374

Five protests filed over Nov. 4 general election

Five separate protests concerning the recent general election of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan were slated to be heard Nov. 12 by Election Appeals Judge Vanya Hogen.