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Tribal Observer Issue: July 15, 2003

Tribal leaders advance program goals on Capitol Hill

Tribal Council leaders recently met with members of Congress in Washington, D.C. to explain the Tribe’s new social and transportation infrastructure goals for increased traffic safety and tourism in mid-Michigan.

Grant awarded to ITC

Michigan’s Inter-Tribal Council is the recipient of a Women’s Health grant from the Indian Health Service.

The grant is part of the Indian Women’s Health Demonstration Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives, and will fund a five-year project focused on improving the health of American Indian women in Michigan.

Organization serves as an advocate for Indian communities

The Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan Inc. is a state-chartered 501 C3 nonprofit organization consisting of 11 of the 12 federally recognized/reaffirmation of status Tribes in Michigan. It offers a variety of program services, each having its own eligibility requirements and includes all or part of the 11 member ITC Tribes, depending on the particular program.

Aanii fellow Tribal members and interested readers

When Tribal Council came into office, we took an oath and made a pledge to the Tribal Community to take back our government and increase the social and economic quality of life for our Tribal members. Since taking that pledge, Tribal Council has implemented a bold new vision for the Tribe, which includes increasing individual benefits paid to Tribal members and building a new social infrastructure consisting of new program facilities such as a residential treatment and domestic violence center.

Reservation Run

Runners take their mark during the 12th Annual Human Race on July 2 at the Elijah Elk Cultural Center. Results from the five-kilometer run/walk are listed.

“Well” it’s summer time again and along with warm temperatures and outdoor fun, it’s also a point in the year when ground water resources are at peak demand.

Conservation efforts are encouraged by Union Township officials, who have instituted outside watering restrictions due to the low percentage of rainfall and increased water demands throughout the township.

Youth trips provide opportunity for extreme fun

From being at the mercy of white water rapids to rappelling down a 110-foot cliff, 13-year-old Alice Gonzalez found the courage to conquer any fears during a recent Youth Task Force trip to West Virginia.

Anishnabek organization helps raise the level of social and economic considerations for Indian communities throughout the state by emphasizing unity

A frontier consortium, which started out with several Indian communities, has grown to include a dozen federally recognized Tribes—a testament to its 35-year history of strength through unity within Indian Country.

The dedication, growth and sustainability of Michigan Inter-Tribal Council was reflected upon during the agency’s open house on June 26 in Sault Ste. Marie.