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Tribal Observer Issue: January 1, 2006

Caucus Committee member resigns prior to second election occurring

A Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Caucus Committee clerk resigned from his position prior to the Dec. 15 special runoff election between District 1 candidates Lorna Call and Jeanette Leaureaux.

In a letter dated Dec. 6, 2004 [sic] to Tribal Council, Ronald G. Douglas stated he believed he made a mistake in agreeing to deliver the latest election protest due to Joan Myers’ physical limitations.

Protest denied regarding run-off; new council takes office

Results from the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe’s second runoff election will stand.

Election Appeals Judge Vanya S. Hogen denied the protest filed by Jeanette Leaureaux, Delores Jackson and Patricia Peters in a Dec. 27 ruling.

Call wins special run-off election; protest validated by judge in first

Lorna Call filled the last seat on the 12-member Tribal Council after two special runoff elections took place to determine the final District 1 spot.

Call bested candidate Jeanette Leaureaux during the Dec. 15 election, 179-172.

The second runoff election took place after Election Appeals Judge Vanya S. Hogen determined on Dec. 8 that “procedures for absentee voting are fairly applied so that preferential treatment is not given to one group of absentee voters.”