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Tribal Observer Issue: March 1, 2005

School strives to keep the Ojibwe language alive

The Education department’s Saginaw Chippewa Language Revitalization Initiative is working to keep the Saginaw Chippewa language alive.

Begining phases of new Elders complex comes 'together'

In our younger days living on or near the reservation, all generations lived together in one home.

Grandmother Nancy came to live with us when I was one-month-old. She helped Mom with many things including caring for the children, sewing and cooking. In reality I had two mothers or a live-in baby-sitter. We were mighty happy.

The reason I’m telling you about our home life is because we have something new in the near future for our Elders.

Close your eyes and vision this—80,000-square-feet of multipurpose facility apartments for Elders 50-years of age and older.

Casino tourney slots top players against each other

Sanford resident Donald Popovich attributed divine intervention to his winning the Inaugural Presidents’ Day Invitational Slot Tournament at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort.

“When I got the invitation card in the mail, the Lord was telling me something,” he stated while he was waiting to be paid his $5,000 first place prize. “He knew I needed the money.”

Casino staging concert series

A summer outdoor concert series at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort is just the ticket for patrons seeking top-notch entertainment.

Plans for a 10,000-seat venue were approved by the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Council during the Feb. 22 Soaring Eagle Board of Directors regular meeting.

Community youth honored for service

Twenty-year-old Eli Borton has a newly-found appreciation for freedom after defending democratic principles while serving in Iraq for six months as a U.S. Marine.