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Tribal Observer Issue: August 15, 2004

Hospital conducts in-house campaign through Tribe

The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan and Central Michigan Community Hospital are conducting an in-house capital campaign among its Tribal members and employees.

The “New Life-New Hope” campaign is the hospital’s first capital drive in 29 years with the intent to solicit donations for projects, including a comprehensive cancer center and a family birth center. The campaign also received a kick-off $150,000 cash contribution from the Tribal Council.

National American Indian Sobriety Month recognized on the Saginaw Chippewa Isabella Reservation

“Well Nations” magazine has declared August to be National American Indian Sobriety Month and is requesting that all Native communities join them in recognizing this time of wellness.

Amendment made to Ordinance No. 14

The Tribal Council passed Resolution No. 04-114 on July 28 amending Ordinance No. 14 to clarify Section 6 and to improve the administrative process under Section 13 of the Ordinance.

Annual powwow drums up interest in cultural celebration

Even though it was the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort that drew Art Burgess to the Isabella Reservation, the Detroit resident said going to the 20th Annual Little Elk’s Retreat Powwow made the trip extra special.