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Tribal Observer Issue: June 15, 2004

Aspiring artists draw inspiration from recent experience

Several Aabizikaawin Adult and Alternative Education students have drawn from their artistic talents to have their works showcased at a premier cultural and fine art museum.

Academy students show their class by being there every day of the year

Saginaw Chippewa Academy Binoojiinh Montessori students Gabrielle Kennedy, Elissa Schlegel and Jarek Chamberlain really, really like school.

They enjoy going the classroom so much that they didn’t miss one of the 180 days of school this year.

Simply perfect in attendance.

Kahgegab ousted from council

District 1 Tribal Council Representative Maynard Kahgegab Jr. was removed from office on June 2 regarding allegations of misconduct, dishonesty and neglect of duty while in office.