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Souped up efforts help local charity

Scott Csernyik

1/11/2002 12:00:00 AM

Soaring Eagle patrons attending shows at the Entertainment Hall during December donated $3,857 to the Isabella Community Soup Kitchen. Over the past four years, the Marketing Department has collected about $17,000 to help the local charity.

"The money goes to a direct cause and is used immediately, which is something that attracted us when we first decided on selecting a local group to help out," explained Entertainment Director Bob Buhl. "The folks do good things with the money and the relationship has grown where we do a lot of work with them throughout the year."

In November, patrons who brought in five cans of food were given a raffle ticket for a $2,500 drawing. The floor promotion, which was conducted four times, resulted in thousands of cans being collected.

"You can really see the money is going right to work," added Buhl. "It's hard for us at Soaring Eagle to take credit when it's the patrons who make it happen."