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New club looking to land a suitable name

Observer Staff

12/20/2001 12:00:00 AM

Welcome to the year 2002.

The Parks & Recreation Department would like the community's help this year. The staff has been working on a boxing program that will benefit the youth in this community. The Boxing Barn located on Remus Road now has new doors, windows, lights and heat. Heavy-bags, speed-bags, double end-bags, gloves and a 14-foot floor ring have been acquired. There are four youth registered with the club and 20 signed up, some have been training for well over a month now. This club belongs to the Tribal community, so the staff would like the community to name it.

Currently, the club goes by the name, "Tribal Boxing Club." This name was used during the planning and construction phase. It is now time to find a more suitable name that will represent the boxers and the community. The name needs to be one that the community can take pride in-that can appear on T-shirts.

The club name should represent strength, determination and the dedication involved in the sport of boxing. The Ojibwe culture is also an important ingredient that could be reflected in the name. However, "Buffalo Chips Boxing" is not a name that would sell a lot of T-shirts. Give it some thought and submit suggestion by leaving a message with Parks & Recreation at (989) 775-4530.

Boxing is demanding physically and mentally. It requires dedication, determination and desire. Boxing skills will not be the only thing taught in the ring; boxers will also learn positive behavior skills. The staff intends to train the youth to become champions and to maintain a strong character.

Anyone with boxing experience or knowledge of this community's boxing history should give the coordinators a call.

The grand opening is scheduled for Feb. 20, but anyone interested in seeing the gym may stop by. Youth can sign up by calling or stopping in at the Parks & Recreation Office. Remember to call in suggestions for the Boxing Club name as soon as possible. Chi-miigwetch.