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Jackson elected to Tribal Council

Scott Csernyik

1/21/2003 12:00:00 AM

Two election protests were filed regarding the Jan. 7 special election where District 1 voters elected Delores K. Jackson to Tribal Council.

The protests were slated to be heard by Election Appeals Judge Vanya S. Hogen on Jan. 15 at the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Court. Due to press deadlines, Hogen's decision will be included as a special insert to the Tribal Observer.

The protests were filed on Jan. 10 by Mary Alice Perez and Dolly Rueckert-both candidates in the election.

Jackson garnered 65 votes, or 26 percent of the total ballots cast. Of the 584 registered voters in the district, 248 or 42.47 percent participated in the election.

Rueckert finished second, receiving 54 votes. The other candidates included Steven J. Pego, 39; Carol Shanks, 22; David G. Perez, 17; Milton C. "Beaver" Pelcher, 15; Mary Alice Perez, 14; Clinton R. Pelcher, 13; Terry L. Bonnau, 5; and Amy Shawboose, 4.

The special election was conducted to replace former Sub-Chief David Otto who was removed from office by fellow council members during an Oct. 21 special session for evidence supporting misconduct in office.

Under Ordinance No. 4, only candidates for office or voters in the election may file election protests. The ordinance also requires that a hearing on the protests must be conducted within five business days following the last day when a protest can be filed.

The protest filed by Mary Alice Perez alleged the Tribal Clerk "did fraudulently present a registered voter list of November 2002 as a registered voters list of January 2003."

"The Tribal clerk did not allow 14 Tribal members the same privilege as the above mentioned Tribal members and were denied their right to vote," she stated. "These 14 votes in a fair and honest election would have clearly and convincingly affected the outcome of this election."

Rueckert's protest stated the she felt the "Tribal clerk and the Caucus Committee members did not implement proper voting procedures for this election to ensure a fair and honest outcome."

Her protest mentioned a District 1 Tribal member who was denied his right to vote.

"This is not the only Tribal member who did not get to vote because of an address change or proper identification," stated Rueckert's protest. "How many other Tribal members were denied their right to vote and how many voted without proper identification?"