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Credit union logo contest

Observer Staff

7/5/2006 12:00:00 AM

The Eagle Community Credit Union is more than just an idea for a new business in our Tribal neighborhood. Plans for establishing a credit union on the Isabella Reservation are closer to becoming a reality than ever before.

The �credit union committee' has been meeting for more than a year. It is a group of Saginaw Chippewa Tribal members and employees who have volunteered their time and knowledge. They have made a commitment to researching the possibility of establishing a financial institution for the members and employees of our community.

A survey was completed recently by Saginaw Chippewa Tribal members and employees to determine the level of interest for a credit union. The results were very encouraging-even better than hoped for!

Two Tribal Council administrations have allowed a group of volunteers to continue meeting with representatives from financial interests and government agencies to gather information for the implementation of a bank or credit union. To even begin a project of this magnitude, there has to be dreamers.

Thank you to those community members who thought this might be a possibility back in the 1970s. You never let that idea die out. Now, the fruition of that idea has developed to conducting analysis of market conditions, including geographics, demographics, income, housing and evidence of member support.

Meetings with experts of financial services and how those services would be implemented, operating facilities information and writing policies for a federal charter have been an ongoing challenge. Actual facility space-and what would be cost efficient had to be addressed. And always, what would best serve our community?

The committee is now preparing to submit the business plan to apply for a charter. This is the next step to begin the final phase. Your credit union will be the first new one in Michigan in over 30 years. The committee has been told that many have attempted to establish a new financial facility, but none have come this far. Once the charter is approved and establishes your credit union as a chartered federal credit union, plans can move forward to organizing a real facility with tellers and a sign out front.

In the meantime, the mission statement emphasizes our pledge to the community to provide the highest level of service and to treat all credit union members with respect, dignity and honesty and to provide sound financial management.

Your ideas and encouragement have brought all of us a long way. Keep a lookout for our updates.

-Submitted by Credit Union Public Relations Representative for Saginaw Chippewa Tribal members Gloria King.

The Eagle Credit Union committee is asking for your help in creating a logo for your new credit union.

It should reflect growth , stability, progress and pride in community involvement. Anyone and everyone is welcome and invited to participate. Use your imagination to show what we are and will become to you and your family as employees, Tribal members and members of our widespread community.

Please submit your entries to:

Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe

Eagle Credit Union Logo Contest

Attn: G. King\A. Borton

7070 E. Broadway

Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

Winner's prize to be announced at a later date. Contest deadline will be postmark date of July 31.