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New slot technology to enhance customer service at Soaring Eagle

Observer Staff

10/28/2005 12:00:00 AM

Following the national gaming trend of a coinless slot floor, Soaring Eagle officials are utilizing ticket-in, ticket-out technology to enhance customer service while reducing internal costs.

There are currently 4,392 slot machines at Soaring Eagle, with slightly less than half already converted to being coinless, according Director of Slot Operations Chris Bailey. Their goal is to be 100 percent ticket-in, ticket-out by September 2006.

"The direction of the gaming industry is to convert from coin to coinless," he stated. "The advantages of TITO are significant reductions of costs associated with coin handling in both staffing, as well as parts and repair of slot machines.

"Another advantage is increase in guest service due to common payment from slot machines throughout the property. Any payment received from a slot machine can be reintroduced into another machine for continued play or the ticket can be redeemed at any ticket kiosk. These ticket kiosks will be located at several convenient locations."

Soaring Eagle Director of Marketing echoed those sentiments.

"TITO systems enhance customer service as our players no longer experience down time for machines refills and little or no down time for jackpot payoffs," he explained. "This results in more play time for our guests."

According to information from International Game Technology:

-There are more than 212,000 TITO machines in operations today as opposed to 7,700 in 2000;

-Percentage of TITO installations by market-Native Americans (58), Las Vegas (50); Atlantic City (48) and Midwest riverboats (40); and

-There are 294 TITO systems in operation worldwide.