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District 2 (Saganing) candidate profile

Observer Staff

10/28/2005 12:00:00 AM

District 2 (Saganing) voters have one name on the ballot: Ronald Nelson.

Ronald Nelson, 41

I want to establish honesty, truthfulness and communication between our people. I believe that by being on Tribal Council I can help the well being of the Tribe by making decisions that will ensure the long lasting life of the Tribe.

As a council member, I will be open with the people so that rumors will be put to rest and the members can have peace of mind.

I hope to accomplish unification between our members and the Tribal government. I believe that I can unite our people by making decisions in the best interest of the Tribe so that we can be more efficient as a group.

I will keep communications open between members and council by voicing issues to both sides. In this way, I feel that everyone will be able to keep things in proper perspective.

We should all then have a better understanding of how and where improvements are needed and if the actions taken on these matters would be beneficial to all.