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Ziibiwing celebrates Eagle Feather Cleansing, Honoring and Feast 10-20-16

Joseph V. Sowmick - October 21, 2016

In an effort to provide bonus coverage, Team Observer was on site to watch Anishinaabe Kwe, Ziibiwing staff and community members on October 19 as they participated in the annual Eagle Feather Cleansing at the Ziibiwing Center.  Ziibiwing Curator William Johnson said the Ziibiwing staff has a lot to be proud of during the Oct. 19-21 event where everyone worked together to prepare.


“It is always an honor to work with the Tribal community to cleanse, honor and feast the Eagle feathers in our care,” Johnson said. “I’m always happy that they consistently bring their own Eagle feathers year after year. It is truly a blessing to be able to provide physical and spiritual care for the Eagle feathers in our Tribal community.”


Ziibiwing understands and accepts the physical and spiritual responsibility in maintaining the sacred and ceremonial collection.  “It is a lot of work that we take seriously, and we are highly honored to have the Saginaw Chippewa Eagle Staff with us for the first time,” Johnson said. “The Eagle feathers in the sacred and ceremonial collection are well cared for and it shows. Many community members and young people brought their Eagle feathers in for cleansing and for that we’re grateful.”  



The Eagle Feather Honoring is scheduled from 1 to 6 p. m. October 20 with an Eagle Feather Feast slated for Friday, October 21 at the Ziibiwing Center at 6 p. m. (please consider bringing a dish to pass to supplement a wide variety of traditional offerings).

Ziibiwing Eagle Feather Cleansing

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