Native Farmers Market is ready for lunchtime crowd 8-23-16

Joseph V. Sowmick - August 24, 2016

Team Observer took a walk across the street from Tribal Operations to see the flurry of activity happening at the Native Farmers Market on August 23.  A veritable cornucopia of fresh vegetables, fruits, homemade desserts, pies and other goodies await you as you get your plans set for lunch.  If you haven’t been to a fair or carnival yet this summer, we have a popping good surprise for you.

Spanky’s Kettle Corn is joining us for the first time this year with free samples and smells.  They are on site and ready to serve.   Syrup, wild rice, and honey prices have been reduced and they have all your summer favorite farm fresh produce to get you and your family through the week.  And Tribal musician Delmar Jackson, Jr. has his guitar to keep the shoppers entertained.

Nimkee Public Health Educator and REACH Grant Coordinator Brandon Schultz mentions the Native Farmers Market can be a fun way to change up the weekly menu.  “Come on over to the market on the intersection of Leaton and Broadway and pick just one ingredient: zucchini, spaghetti squash tomatoes, maple syrup and then surf the web for a fantastic way to try it,” Schultz said. “Find a big juicy tomato at the market and our vendors will help you pick the right one (just ask them), slice it, lay it on a preheated grill grate drop a few pieces of feta cheese and chopped basil maybe some pepper.  You will have a new family favorite to enjoy while you grill that great American burger


If you have a few minutes to pop by, please be sure to say hi and thank you to all the vendors that make the Native Farmers Market possible and don’t forget that elusive black reusable market bag.  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out this summer, the Native Farmers Market will be open until 4pm today so come out of see what down home freshness they have to offer!

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