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Families Enjoy Niibing Baby Celebration 6-29-16

Joseph V. Sowmick - June 30, 2016

“These babies brought their families to the Seventh Generation to enjoy a tradition that continues throughout the years, the Niibing Baby Celebration. I consider this as one of the highlights in my job as a nurse here at Nimkee Clinic,” Hon said.  “I have been involved with baby celebrations since 1999, and heard this time about the sacred fire that is lit especially for this event.

 Hon informs Seventh Generation Cultural Representative Ben Hinmon shared the teachings of the sacred fire to Tribal members who came all the way from Holland, Mich.  

“I was amazed that in the 16 years I have been attending baby celebrations, that this was the first time I was able  to hear the teachings and happy to know that the lost teachings are being shared with the young families,” Hon said.  “I am pleased to say, if it would not have been for this celebration, they may not have ever received this important teaching.”

Hon appreciated the teaching that keynote speaker Bonnie Ekdahl gave where she mentioned about new life means new beginnings.  “Young parents are now more concerned about doing for another rather than the idea of ‘it’s all about me’.  They can bring their families for an alcohol and drug free event and enjoy special activities for their older children along with lots of giveaways for their new baby,” Hon said. “This program is like a well-oiled machine and the staff at Seventh Generation never tires of putting on a beautiful celebration.  Just when I think that the celebration couldn’t get any better, it does!”   

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