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Maanendisan Wii-gindaasyin Gbe-niibin Promotes Summer Reading 7-6-16

Joseph V. Sowmick - July 16, 2016

Team Observer witnessed first-hand the spirit of cooperation as the “Maanendisan Wii-gindaasyin Gbe-niibin” offered Niibing Summer Program youth an opportunity to challenge themselves at the Tribal Library. Tribal Education Librarian Anne Heidemann was overwhelmed by the teamwork that unfolded during their July 6 program.

“We are so excited to invite everyone to the Tribal Libraries this summer to Maanendisan Wii-gindaasyin Gbe-niibin! Anyone can challenge themselves to read all summer with our fun program and chances to win great prizes,” Heidemann said.  “We’re very happy to cooperate again with Isabelle Osawamick from ALRD, Niibing, Sasiwaans, and the Soaring Eagle Waterpark.  Working together with other departments really makes our summer program special for everyone who participates.”

Tribal Library Assistant Kimberly Condon is aware that many kids lose touch with books over the summer and her staffers found a way to remedy the situation. “Our summer reading program helps kids not only get excited for winning prizes but it keeps them interested in reading.  This year we are helping them try new books that they normally wouldn’t choose,” Condon said.  “This program isn’t a competition among participants but its more focused on challenging oneself to do the best they can and expand their interest within the library.”

K-12 Education Youth Leadership Manager Deb Smith informs the Niibing Program is in its 23rd year and there has been a lot of cooperation among Tribal departments that make it exciting for Tribal youth.  “Departments involved include Behavioral Health, Anishinaabe Language Revitalization Program, SCIT Recreation and, of course, the SCIT Tribal Library,” Smith said.  “We have been able to provide a diverse summer program because of the support from the departments and we always look to do something different.  This was the first year at Niibing that all of our participating Tribal youth were able to receive a Tribal library card.”

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