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Cupcake Wars Provides Friendly Competition 8-17-16

Joseph V. Sowmick - August 19, 2016

Team Observer flew into the Eagles Nest Tribal Gym on August 17 to see first-hand on what the American Indian Sobriety Month event meant by “Cupcake Wars.”  The young and young at heart had a friendly competition where Behavioral Health Clinical Therapist Amy Kisel and Intake Specialist Lacie Kelly Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Crawford and Public Health Nurse Anna Hon provided plain cupcakes ready to decorate.

“When Lacie and Amy first talked of this event, I had no idea what to expect and it blew me away.  The creativity that all of the youth displayed was amazing and I still can’t believe the fondant flip flops and turtle on one of the designs!  I wish that I had an ounce of their creativity,” Crawford said.  “There was so much excitement as the clock ticked away during the competitions.  American Indian Sobriety Month is all about providing sober, family-friendly events for the community and this event was a demonstration to all of the youth who participated showing them how much fun can be had in the absence of drugs and alcohol.”

Hon mentions the cupcake wars allowed for a taste of creativity, competition and sweet spirited fun was a wonderful activity for the Tribal youth.  “In honor of August AISM events, Lacie and Amy from domestic violence team took the lead to sponsor its first-ever "Cupcake Wars.” Kudos to the children who were able to bring out their creativity in the three different competitions (summer theme, Native theme, and your favorite color),” Hon said.  “It was so wonderful to see the children sharing the confectionary icings and candies.  The competitive spirit was evident when we saw the parents and guardians cheering and encouraging their children for the great ideas they were choosing as they decorated their cupcakes.”

Hon mentioned she was thankful to be part of the AISM committee who are committed to bringing quality programing for our youth and families.  The concept of “Cupcake Wars” can be seen on the nationally syndicated television show found on the Cooking Channel.

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