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Pathways to Leadership Graduates Announced

Joseph V. Sowmick - March 25, 2016

“We are here today to recognize and congratulate our 2016 graduates who each made the commitment to attend 12 out of the 14 monthly classes, and also passed a final exam. All of our graduates have shown their desire to keep  learning and improving their leadership skills.   

I would like to thank our SECR CEO Bob Van Wert, for sponsoring this event and his overall support and commitment to leadership training in our organization. 

Human Resources Director Louanna Brunner also deserves special recognition for spreading the word and encouraging leaders to take advantage of these leadership trainings,” Urbani said.  “I would also like to thank keynote speaker and SECR Guest Service Development Specialist, Tim McCullough.

Tim shared many of the positive experiences our guests have due to the caring and professional service they receive while at Soaring Eagle Properties.  And finally, I would also like to thank our department leaders who attended the graduation: Director of Slot Operations Chris Bailey, Director of Cage and Count Maynard Kahgegab, Migizi Interim CEO Lisa Darnell , and Front Desk Lead Supervisor Chad Keyworth.

Each of these leaders encouraged and supported their supervisors in attending these classes.” 

The Pathways Leadership classes went in depth into four areas: providing caring guest service, crucial management skills, emotional intelligence in the workplace, and coaching associates for improved performance.

The 2016 Pathways to Leadership graduating class includes Sales and Marketing Specialist Gina Borushko, Slot Supervisor Karen Buckner, Casino Finance Supervisor Joseph Edinborough, Casino Finance Supervisor Jeremy French, Administrative Assistant III Tonia Kequom, Slot Shift Manager Krysta Carabelli, Front Desk Lead Jessi Maddox and Slot Supervisor Kayla Sklener.

A full story on the Pathways to Leadership program will be featured in an upcoming edition of your Tribal Observer.  

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