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Tall Cop gives community presentation

Joseph V. Sowmick - February 26, 2016

In an effort to provide bonus coverage, Team Observer is on location with the SCIT Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Prevention team at the 9am to 3pm presentation from internationally recognized speaker, “Tall Cop” Officer Jermaine Galloway, regarding current alcohol, drug and concealment trends.   Behavioral Health Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Crawford informs Galloway will be offering a free presentation especially designed for the SCIT community from 6:00pm-9:00pm in the Soaring Eagle Ballrooms. 

“Officer Galloway will have a mock teen room on display (identifying drug-related items that you otherwise might not recognize) and will talk about new drug clothing, marijuana concentrates (including edibles and homemade products) along with underage drinking,” Crawford said.  “At 6 feet 9 inches tall, Officer Jermaine Galloway looks like an intimidating presence, but he is devoted and passionate about education, training, and enforcement when it comes to alcohol and drug use and abuse prevention. Officer Galloway is a nationally and internationally recognized instructor and is well known for his countless hours of research on alcohol and drug trends.”

Behavioral Health Prevention Specialist Alice Jo Ricketts attended a 9am to 3pm Tall Cop presentation offered to community leaders, substance abuse professionals, court personnel and law enforcement officials.  “Officer Galloway is an outstanding speaker and this is information our Tribal families will want to hear,” Rickets said.  “He offers many examples on how substance abuse is hurting our country and I found a lot of information will be helpful for the Tribal community to know.”

Galloway has been an Idaho law enforcement officer since 1997 and has more than 15 years’ experience in drug and alcohol enforcement. Galloway has worked several different assignments, including: alcohol compliance and enforcement officer, crime scene investigation (CSI), DUI task force, officer mentoring, and as a field training officer.


Galloway has coordinated and led thousands of alcohol related initiatives, enforcement patrols and trainings.  Galloway has also conducted more than 500 community scans of retail locations, festivals, housing areas, schools/universities, and areas with possibly drug and alcohol influences across the country and internationally.  Please don’t miss this important community presentation on Thursday, February 25 at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort Ballroom starting at 6pm.

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