Middle of the Mitt Music Festival 9-19-15

Joseph V. Sowmick - September 21, 2015

In an effort to provide bonus coverage, Team Observer partners with the Middle of the Mitt Music Festival and the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund.  The Sept. 19 heavy metal onslaught at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort delivered head banging with heart as five bands rocked an appreciative crowd from 5 p.m. past midnight.  The 6th annual music festival, designed by SCIT Tribal member and SECR Table Games Director Brent Jackson, drew hundreds of people into the venue to “Rock the Eagle” with the help of producer Dino – Mad Turtle Production.  SECR employee Jesse Brennan also works with Jackson as co-director of the festival for the last two years.

“This year’s festival featured three regional bands with Michigan roots (Raggedy Ann, Dies To Rise and Sahara Steel) and a double headliner with Quiet Riot and Gamma+ featuring legendary Scottish vocalist Davey Pattison,” Jackson informs.  “We were honored to have Davey and Gamma+ join an exciting lineup and every one of these bands knew this was a fundraiser where all the ticket revenue benefits the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund.”

Patisson commended the effort of the Middle of the Mitt music festival and had some passion in being a part of the event.  “I’m more than happy to give back to the veterans, because from what I see, the government doesn’t.  They send these kids out there and they come back mangled and nobody is paying attention to them and we say nothing about the mental trauma.  There are veterans who lose a limb but we don’t talk about the mental thing that happens to them,” Patisson explains.  “This is happening all over the country and I can’t figure out why more people don’t give a damn about this.  Today we have musicians and rock fans doing their part to give back and I’m just honored to be there to help.”

Progressive metal rockers Raggedy Ann opened the Mitt with front man Brian Carson leading Steve Bolla (bass), Mike Lunden (drums) and dual ax masters Aaron Reames and Eric Strayer. Dies to Rise, a melodic power metal band from Saginaw, took the second position with John Cudworth (vocals), Darren Malace (drums),  Corey Schneider (bass) and James Walkowski  and Matthew Milklosovic  on guitars.   Dies to Rise was followed by the heart of fire heartbreakers, Sahara Steel.  Sahara Steel, forged with a hard rock and glam metal edge, features lead singer Jack Klunder, guitarist Patrick Sheppard, bassist Mark Moore and drummer Brian Eckhart.


A full story and concert review will be available in the October issue of the Tribal Observer.

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