Native Skywatchers – Ojibwe and Lakota/Dakota Star Knowledge.

Joseph V. Sowmick - June 19, 2015

In an effort to provide bonus coverage, Team Observer takes to the skies with the Ziibiwing Cultural Society as they unveil their latest two day educational workshop: Native Skywatchers – Ojibwe and Lakota/Dakota Star Knowledge.  ZCS Workshop Coordinator & Assistant ZCS Director Judy Pamp informs the educator and community workshop is a collaboration with Ziibiwing Center, CMU College of Humanities Social & Behavioral Sciences and the Rollie & Olga Denison Visiting Professorship Program. 


The presenters include St. Cloud State University Planetarium & Native Skywatchers Director Annette S. Lee with fellow team members Carl Gawboy, Jeffrey Tibbetts and Tribal Elder William Wilson.  “ The purpose of the Native Skywatchers Workshop is designed for all educators & persons interested in increasing their knowledge of Ojibwe and D(L)akota Star Knowledge. Included in the workshop are multiple hands-on activities so participants will be able to experience the culture and the science in the most authentic and meaningful way possible,” Lee explains.  “We know instinctively that star knowledge is important but we give examples of how it is relevant to our lives.  Star knowledge is something we all own because we are all teachers and learners.”


The Native Skywatchers is sponsored by NASA/MN Space Grant & St. Cloud State University in collaboration with Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College.  The workshop will be featured in the July powwow edition of the Tribal Observer.


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