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Summer Kickoff Kickball Game 6-11-15

Joseph V. Sowmick - June 15, 2015


In an effort to provide bonus coverage, Team Observer joins the Youth LEAD Department, Saginaw Chippewa Housing, Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Police and the Saginaw Chippewa Fire Department to celebrate their June 11 “Summer Kickoff Kickball Game.”  The effort was organized by Tribal employees Matthew Sprague (Housing), Marilee Fleming (Public Relations) and Michael McCreery (Youth LEAD) and provided a competitive atmosphere where the youth and emergency service personnel divided into two teams for a rousing “old school” game of kickball.  The game was on with Team Dynamite and Captain Tyrone Rios battling against Team Big Hits and Captain Kenneth Wemigwans.

Team Observer was on hand to provide music and coverage for the event and the voice of summer kickball was present … our very own Louanna Bruner (SCIT Human Resources).  “After finding an unattended microphone laying in the grass, I found it my duty to pick it up and give a play-by-play commentary of the kick ball game.  It was amazing to see so many Tribal PD and Fire personnel come out to play with the youth. Kick ball was the perfect sport for all ages. The Youth stood at home plate with so much determination. Some were so small  they needed assistance, at one point captain Bannon led one of the smaller boys by the hand from base to base.  The other ones would be so excited when they made a catch or got someone out,” Bruner explains.    “I’m honestly not sure who had more fun or who was more determined, the youth or the adults. It was a wonderful way to get our officers side by side with the youth, which hopefully creates a better understanding that the Police are here to assist us with our needs by providing protection and even some friendships. My favorite part was when one of the officers got caught in a pickle, eventually resulting with getting tagged out in the dirt.  I witnessed Tribal Police officers diving for catches and losing their glasses with such effort. Officer Harry Ambs leaping in mid-air avoiding a direct hit! That man showed some moves!”

Representing the Saginaw Chippewa Fire Department were Firefighters John Bollinger, Alan Jackson, Noah Schout and Jeremy Woods.   Participants from the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Police included Police Captain Donielle Bannon, Sergeants Craig Wilson and Harry Ambs, Dispatch/Corrections Officer Renay Ehren and Police Officers Joe Maxey, Ryan Nau, David Feger, Nathan Bazan, Ben Paul and Daniel Hernandez.  Captain Bannon and the department walked to Broadway Field together in solidarity and was greeted by the Tribal youth with cheers and high fives as they entered the friendly competition.  “We had a great time playing kickball with the kids and look forward to playing again on July 9 and August 13 from 4 to 6pm at Broadway Field,” Captain Bannon said.  More coverage on the successful event can be found in the upcoming July powwow edition of the Tribal Observer.

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