Seventh Generation offers Hand Drum Workshop 3-25-15

Joseph V. Sowmick - March 26, 2015

In an effort to provide bonus coverage, Team Observer joins with the Cultural Representative Team at the Elijah Elk Cultural Center as they offer instruction at their two day Hand Drum Workshop.  On March 25, the workshop attendees used their Noc Bay Trading Company drum kits as Seventh Generation staffers Lee Ann Ruffino and Louise Hunt assisted Tribal Artist Ben Hinmon. 


Hinmon brought some historical perspective to the event and  shared teachings on the origin of the hand drum and the importance of feasting and honoring a drum in a good way.



Participants learned how to come together in the spirit with the smudging of the materials as they laced the buckskin string around the drum head and wooden frame.  The second day of the teaching happens this evening where the drum makers make their drum sticks and learn a hand drum song

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