Youth LEAD Game Room 1-29-15

Joseph V. Sowmick - January 30, 2015

In an effort to provide bonus coverage, Team Observer joins with Youth LEAD Afterschool Program as they debut their new addition … a game room area!  Youth LEAD Activities Manager Ronnie Ekdahl mentions their team installed the two wall mount monitors (an LG and Polaroid HDTV set up with HDMI hook-ups) and offers both Microsoft Xbox and Sony Play Station video games. 

“For ease of storage and security reasons we have the game consoles on a movable media cart and wanted to safely have the television monitors out of reach,” Ekdahl informs.  “The unit does allow us to plug in other devices like cable and DVD components.”


The Youth LEAD afterschool program allows the kids to play non-violent, family friendly video games like Guitar Hero and sports games like Bowling.

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