Andahwod Elders Halloween Party

Natalie Shattuck - November 03, 2014

 Elder Community Activity Assistant Tomarrah M-J Green said, “The Elders Spooky Potluck Halloween party was Friday, Oct. 31 from 1-3:30 p.m.  We had a potluck followed by cookie decorating and games and Elder Joe Sowmick donated music for the event courtesy of the Elders Advisory Board.”


More than 20 Elders participated in the party. 


Judy Bannister finished the maze first, and Marilyn Bailey was first to complete the word search. For the costume contest, Barb Sprague won the cutest costume, Jo Kathy Sprague won scariest costume, and Tweedie Van Cise won the most creative costume. For the game, “Guess What’s In the Pumpkin Guts,” Linda Schramm, Ellie VanHorn, Judy Bannister, and Jo Kathy Sprague tied.


There were four pumpkins full of “pumpkin guts” and spaghetti noodles, the elders had to guess what other items were hiding inside. Pumpkin #1 contained plastic bugs, pumpkin #2 contained seed beads, pumpkin #3 contained an old fashioned cell phone, and pumpkin #4 contained hair nets. 


For the “Stack the Pumpkins” game, Linda Schramm, Tweedie VanCise and Ellie VanHorn tied. 


The games were followed by a raffle which included anyone who brought a dish to pass.   


“Thank you to everyone who helped us to put on this event, and a special thank you to the kitchen staff for the cookie decorating supplies, spooky punch, and spaghetti noodles,” Green said.



Observer photos by Joseph V. Sowmick









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