Rocket Football Native American Youth

Natalie Shattuck - October 09, 2014

In an effort to provide bonus coverage, the Tribal Observer would like to take a moment to highlight the numerous Native American youth participating in the Mount Pleasant Rocket Football program. The youth represent different levels from 8 to 14 years of age in tackle football.
Many locals from the Anishinabe community come together to coach the rocket football athletes including Hunter Genia, Kelly Chamberlain, Anthony Genia and Joseph Genia. It was not long ago Anthony and Joe graduated from Mount Pleasant High School and played football for the Mount Pleasant Oilers.
“We’re very proud of our youth and we want to encourage them to stay active, healthy, and participate in positive activities,” Hunter Genia said. “… We thank Kelly, Anthony and Joe for giving back to all of our youth in this way.” 

Rocket Football Native American Youth

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