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Seventh Generation Fall Feast 10-08-14

Joseph V. Sowmick - October 09, 2014

In an effort to provide bonus coverage, Team Observer joins with the Seventh Generation Program to celebrate their annual Fall Feast with the community at the Elijah Elk Cultural Building on Wednesday, Oct. 8.  A bountiful spread fit for over 100 community members and their families was prepared in a good way by the Seventh Generation staffers (Lacy Mandoka, Jamie Bennett, Lee Ruffino, Jose Gonzales, Ben Hinmon, Clinton Pelcher and Louise Hunt). 
Odawa and Ojibwe Elder JD Gibson from Petoskey shared teachings on the harvest feast and the meaning behind the gatherings.
“The water, corn, meat and berries are the four basic food groups we recognize in ceremonies like this and God see what we do throughout the year and we are blessed with that abundance,” Gibson explains.  “The spirits see the love that was prepared in the food we share tonight and our Creator and blessed us with this good way where we can share the bountiful harvest we worked for.”

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