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State of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder visits the the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

Joseph V. Sowmick - May 12, 2014


In an effort to provide bonus coverage, Team Observer joins with the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Council, SCIT Public Relations Department and the United Tribes of Michigan as they welcome State of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to the Three Fires Room at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort on May 12. 

The United Tribes of Michigan is a coalition of the twelve federally recognized Tribes committed to join forces, advance, protect, preserve and enhance the mutual interests, treaty rights, sovereignty and cultural way of life of the sovereign tribes of Michigan throughout the next seven generations.  Over the next two days, the Tribes will discuss issues of economic development, environmental issues, health concerns and many topics that affect Tribal members across the state.

“We appreciate the effort of our Tribal leaders as they get together with Gov. Rick Snyder to discuss issues that affect all the citizens in Michigan,” SCIT Public Relations Director Frank Cloutier informs.  “The dialogue doesn’t work without being able to sit across the table from the decision makers and that is what our Tribal leaders are vested in today.”

SCIT Tribal Chief Steve Pego shared the importance of our precious water resource and referenced the teachings of the Midewewin Lodge and the awareness efforts of the Anishinabe Kwe water walkers.  Tribal Treasurer Shelly Bailey presented Gov. Snyder with a beaded Tribal logo medallion along with Chief Pego. 

Tribal Chaplain Jennifer Wassegijig opened the meeting in prayer and assisted Gov. Snyder with his new gift.  The beaded medallion was created by Theresa Peters-Jackson, daughter of Tribal Council Member Julius Peters (who created the Tribal logo back in 1975).


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