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SCA Mentoring Program off to a great start

Natalie Shattuck - April 10, 2014

In an effort to provide bonus coverage, the Tribal Observer teams up with the Saginaw  Chippewa Academy, with the assistance of Education Director Melissa Montoya. The afterschool mentoring program the Anishinabe Bimadiziwin Teachers of SCA have established is off to a great start.


“The philosophy of SCA is to establish a balanced system of high-quality academics, along with the cultural ways of our Anishinabe ancestors,” Montoya said. “This program directly reflects that philosophy.”


Students are assigned a mentor from the Anishinabe Bimadizwin staff. Together, they complete any homework that needs to be completed and then engage in a cultural lesson directed toward living an Anishinabe Bimadiziwin "Healthy Anishinabe Way of Life."


The Seven Grandfather Teachings are explored as well as ancestral teachings in their environment.


Shown in the attached photo, students were outside SCA observing nature "waking up" from its winter rest and were lucky enough to be paid a visit by mishiikeh.


“It is always a great feeling to see the disappointment in the student's faces when the program is over,” Montoya said. “They are always eager and look forward to the next meeting with their mentors.”


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