Group shares secrets to making time for fitness

Natalie Shattuck - April 09, 2014

The Tribal Observer teams up with Nimkee and Public Health for the Fitness Support Group gatherings. Today, April 9 at Noon, Tribal employees met to discuss the secret to making time for fitness, with Fitness Coordinator Jayme Green leading the discussion. With the day-to-day stresses and busy lives before, during and after work, how DO you make time for fitness?


                Each participant was handed a slip of paper that presented a suggestion to help make time for fitness.


For busy parents,  recommendations were given to include your children in your daily work out. Go for a walk or jog with them—even if they are still in strollers, ride bikes, play basketball or baseball, especially now that the weather is finally warming up.  


When watching TV, perform quick workouts during commercials. Pushups, jumping jacks, squats and burpees are great ways to burn extra calories on commercial breaks during your favorite shows. They do not take up a lot of space, so they are great to do in front of the TV.


How many times have you caught yourself “watching” TV  even when there is nothing on? Try replacing 30 minutes of your normal television time for 30 minutes of fitness. Not ready or too busy for 30 minutes of fitness? Start with five minutes of exercise and add five minutes each day.


Many individuals are motivated to work out each day before work. It may be hard to set your alarm for 5 or 6 a.m. to go work out, but think about how great you will feel once your work out is complete – and all before work.


A lunch hour is also a great time to get in some fitness time. Remember, the Tribal gym is usually open for walking on your 15-minute break as well. Along with the Nimkee Center, Morey Courts’ track is now open for Tribal employees to walk.


The lesson today was not only about making time for fitness, but preparing healthy meals as well. A lunch was provided consisting of healthy veggie burgers or turkey and nutritious, homemade granola parfaits.


It is not too late to join the Fitness Support Group if you missed the first few. The next meeting is Wednesday, April 23 where new, healthy recipes will be shared.


The Fitness Support Group meets in the Public Health Kitchen at noon every other Wednesday until May 21.


For more information, contact Jayme at or (989) 775-4696.


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