Saganing Two Percent Ceremony

Joseph V. Sowmick - November 22, 2013

In an effort to provide regular bonus coverage throughout the month, Team Observer joins with the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Council in support of the Nov. 22nd Saganing Two Percent Ceremony at the Saganing Tribal Center.  The two percent distribution for both Isabella and Saganing can be viewed on the Tribal website at or in the December holiday issue of the Tribal Observer 

Arenac County Vice-Chair Jeff Trombley  "First of all I want to thank Tribal Council on behalf of all the senior citizens of Arenac county.  The improvements you have help with, like the bridge and the grain elevator, helps everyone.  I would encourage you to help Arenac County in any way possible ... the last thing we need in Arenac County is another business with their doors closed."

City of AuGres Mayor Tom Ennes  "I would like to thank Tribal Council for help with this boundary road in AuGres Township.  These dollars help with projects we would find hard to complete without your assistance.  You have been really good to AuGres and we really appreciate it.  Thank you again." 

City of Omer Mayor Alice Sproule "I came this moment because it feels like Christmas because twice a year we get help.  Like Mr. Trombley said, Arenac County needs help and Omer has gotten some help.  Because of the Indians, we have our library and this beautiful playground.  I asked some teenagers what they would like and they said belt swings.  I had no idea how expensive belt swings were until I priced them.  Now I have a check for belt swings, a tractor and a fire truck."

Pinconning City Manager Richard Byrne "We have a pretty big park and we have soccer in the spring and other events where we have to move the bleachers around.  It makes for a lot of wear and tear on the bleachers when we move them and these new bleachers will be a great addition to our area."

"It has been a busy week for me.  I was sworn in Monday and I have my handout on Friday.  You made a lot of young people in our city happy with what you have given us today."

Standish City Manager Curt Hillman "I would like to thank the Tribe for helping us with the historic depot.  Over the years, we just didn't have the extra money to do what we needed to do with the depot.  We have people who have signed our (depot) registry books who come from 39 different states and nine different foreign countries.  We want people to come to Standish and stop and look around.  I think the economy is starting to turn around for Standish and Arenac County.  One of the most frequently asked questions to our staff at the depot is how do you get to the casino.  The depot serves as the anchor to the U.S. 23 route and we are tirelessly promoting tourism for many businesses at the depot and we appreciate the support back to us."

Pinconning/Fraser Fire Department   Chief Dave Ramsey "What we asked for was money to purchase automatic defibulators .  It was mandated by the state that all medical first responder units be equipped with defibulator that is both adult and pediatric.  The units cost about $2,300 for each department.  I had to go to our board and they were gracious enough to allow us to take the money from the Tribe to purchase the needed units for all the 15 fire departments in the area.  Last night, I was thinking of this and it is truly the meaning of Thanksgiving on how we have something we are thankful for and we are sharing it with others." 

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