Special gift ceremony

Joseph V. Sowmick - October 15, 2013

Team Observer joins our Tribal Council members Louanna Bruner, Charmaine Shawana and Steve Pego for a special gift ceremony. For those that may venture over to the Tribal Court, make sure to stop by and see the traditional addition made to Magistrate Guadalupe Gonzalez robe. "It's an honor to be recognized like this with such a beautiful gift. It's not always an easy job but it is always worthwhile," Lupe exclaimed proudly. " I love the Tribe and my people and that's what it's all about!" Louanna provided some insight on Lupe's new magistrate robe. "The robe, which was beaded by Alice Jo Ricketts, is being presented to Lupe for her balanced approach in respect to her duties as Interim-Judge Magistrate," Louanna said. "Lupe's high standard of ethics, which is defined as 'the discipline of dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation,' is greatly appreciated!" "I would just like to say that I am very honored to be asked by Guadalupe's Mother Charmaine to do this beadwork project and to also find out that the colors are very significant in our culture," Alice shared. "The vision was there and I just followed through ... what a beautiful blessed moment!" "Without knowing it, Alice made the Mide' Women's Colors of red and green and the Men's colors of blue and black match perfectly on her robe," Shawana informs. "Louanna presented it to her at an impromptu ceremony in the Senior's room...we were all proud and Lupe was so glad to get it."

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